JNOAH Water Consultancy Ltd

OUR MISSION:  To provide clear solutions for water & wastewater problems


JNOAH Water consultancy provides 30 years of water & wastewater industry experience to the cost reduction business


Why are water cost savings such an opportunity for Businesses?

The water supply and treatment markets in England & Wales are still more regulated than those for other utilities, but this does not mean that savings can’t be achieved. Business water invoices may be difficult to check, but with the help of an independent water specialist, opportunities to save money and obtain rebates from your water retailer can often be uncovered.


What does it cost?

Work is undertaken on a 'No saving, No fee' – No risk basis.

The service does not cost you a penny, because we are only paid on performance out of any savings that are made.

As water consultants we will carry out a FREE independent evaluation of your existing water charges to identify how we can make savings and / or achieve refunds.


Independent advice
We have many years of experience in analysing water utility data from all types of sites. Our specialist expertise is used to analyse client's data, identifying any billing anomalies through to inefficiencies in water consumption. We will visit sites and collate any further data with the result leading to savings in water & effluent costs.


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