Water conservation

An invoice from your water company acts as a sign post to areas for further investigation. If you can break the code, you can unlock the path to reducing your costs and increasing your profits. There’s a wide variety of possible areas to investigate, dependant on your situation and requirements, some of these are:-


• Water Meter Sizing
• Wastage, Leaks & Bursts
• Water in the Process
• Flow Controls
• Rain Water Harvesting
• Surface Water Drainage
• Education & Environmental Responsibility


Water Meter Sizing – Is your meter over sized for your current consumption requirements and consequently are you paying too much in standing charges?


Wastage, Leaks & Bursts – What are your patterns of consumption and how does it compare to your peers, are you losing water (& cash)?


Water in the Process – Is water used in your process, does it leave the process cycle as steam or product; and therefore does your effluent charge fully reflect this “loss”?


Flow Controls – Is there an opportunity to fit flow regulation devices: push taps, PIR operated cisternmisers, cistern dams, shower regulators, water aeration devices etc?


Rain Water Harvesting – Can you utilise a free product (i.e. rainfall); is there an opportunity to use this water instead of mains water?


Surface Water Drainage – Can the drainage network be changed to improve the environment and cut costs by diverting water away from the public sewer network?


Education & Environmental Responsibility - Can you implement an educational scheme to reduce consumption and help the environment by reducing the UK’s carbon emissions?


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